Superparamagnetic nanobot moved by magnetic field

As co-president of the University of Alberta Nanorobotics team, I led the robot creation with superparamagnetic ferrofluid consisting of iron oxide nanopartciles.

The robot moves in the presence of a magnetic field. The droplet size is determined by injection volume, our 500 ┬Ám droplet equates to 100 nL of ferrofluid. This droplet can be manipulated to move in directions along the x and y axis under a magnetic field . The magnetic field is formed by passing currents through four electromagnets. Arenas are microfabricated with silicon wafers, gold and photoresists.

Side Cross-section Diagram of Robot Design
Left: scanning electron microscope image of microassembly arena. Middle: microscope image of autonomous movement arena and robot. Right: nanoinjector for robot droplet creation.

We placed 3rd in the microassembly challenge at IEEE RAS Mobile Micro/Nanorobotics Competition 2013.